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ctvalleytobaccobkAdult Author talk: Monday October 17th 6:00pm

Register in the library or call us to attend this fascinating look at our local history. Cigar tobacco runs in the blood of Connecticut River Valley farmers. Delve into the surprising history of the region’s most iconic crop, all the way back to early Native American uses and the boom of the Civil War. Though fashionable in the 1950s, the popularity of cigars declined a decade later, nearly destroying the region’s tobacco industry. A resurgence in the 1990s brought new life to the crop, and the reopening of Cuba in 2015 added a new chapter for cigar tobacco. Brianna Dunlap, author and the director of the Connecticut Valley Tobacco Museum(and Miss Robyn’s cousin!), provides a guide to important tobacco landmarks from East Haddam to Brattleboro, featuring stunning photography from Leonard Hellerman. It is the story of the people―the farmers and field hands―who made tobacco the soul of the valley. Books will be available for purchase and signing.

Brianna E. Dunlap is a museum professional who has been at the Connecticut Valley Tobacco Museum in Windsor since June 2013. Besides directing the museum, she is finishing her last year as a graduate student in public history at Central Connecticut State University. When she is not working or studying, she enjoys two conflicting interests: running and copious amounts of chocolate.