Policies of Oxford Library



The mission of the Oxford Public Library is to provide a dynamic resource of materials and services for the community, enabling the pursuit of personal, educational, business, and recreational interests for residents of all ages.

The library is responsible for being Oxford’s information center and therefore strives to provide Oxford the best available technology for accessing information in whatever format it may exist and ensure that patrons can become informed on the widest range of interests and concerns.

The library also recognizes that the exchange of information is a social activity and supports that exchange by providing for a variety of educational, civic, and cultural events.

Adopted by the Library Board of Directors June 2006

Patron Registration & Library Card Usage Policy


Every resident of Oxford who is at least 5 years old is eligible for a free library card. A resident is defined as one who makes Oxford their principal place of residence.  A valid library card is required in order to borrow materials from the library.


Library cards will be issued upon providing proof of identity and current residency and completion of a registration form.  Any one of the following may be used as proof of residency: