Teen Summer Reading

Happy Summer everyone!  We are well into our Summer Reading Program, “Build a Better World!” This theme is all about engineering, building, and construction. How appropriate since the construction of our new public library is underway!

Expect a lot of very hands on programs during the summer, but we’ll also be focusing on Building Your Mind through programs that will focus on writing, trivia, and other brain strength. Not only that, but we’ll even learn ways to Build a Better You with all kinds of different healthy and productive habits as well as Building a Better World through outreach to our community, both local and global!

Here are links to some of the reading lists for this Summer; don’t forget, these are only suggestions, as long as you are reading books at (or above if you like a challenge!) your reading level, you’ll be just fine!

 Incoming 6th Grade Assignment (Great Oak)     State Suggestion List Grades 5/6

Incoming 7th Grade Assignment (Great Oak)      State Suggestion List Grades 7/8

Incoming 8th Grade Assignment (Great Oak)      State Suggestion List Grades 7/8

 State Suggestion List Grades 9th – 12th 

Don’t forget to check out our calendar to see all of our fun events!  If you’d like to sign up online, you can do so here!

Can’t wait to have another great summer!

All the best,

Can’t wait to have another great summer!

All the best,

Ms. Robyn