Virtual Program Events

May 2020

Click the program name for registration details and more information about each program.

Friday, May 1: “Keep in Touch” (Adults)

Saturday, May 2: Happy Scratch Coding Tips #1 (Ages 6-15)

Monday, May 4: Maker Monday (All Ages)

Monday, May 4: Older Adults and Covid Conversations (Adults)

Tuesday, May 5: How to Run an Online Meeting (Adults)

Wednesday May 6: Story Time! (All Ages)

Wednesday, May 6: Questions on Career and Job Searching during Covid (Adult)

Thursday May 7: Coronavirus Career Advice (Adults)

Friday May 8: Paleo Knowledge Bowl – Round 1 (Grades 4th, 5th, & 6th)

Friday May 8: 12:00pm Live Webinar Finding New Markets and Customers for Your Business (Adults)

Saturday May 9: Happy Scratch Coding Tips Week 2 (Ages 6-15)

Monday, May 11: Maker Monday (All Ages)

Monday, May 11: Emotional Well-Being and the Pandemic (Adults)

Tuesday, May 12: Walking in the Steps of Dinosaurs (Preschool and Up)

Wednesday, May 13: Story Time! (All Ages)

Wednesday, May 13: Uncovering the Hidden Job Market (Adults)

Thursday, May 14: Managing Your Career Change and Stress During Covid (Adults)

Thursday, May 14: Scavenger Hunt (All Ages)

Friday, May 15: Paleo Knowledge Bowl Round 2! (Grades 4th, 5th, & 6th)

Saturday, May 16: Happy Scratch Coding Tips Week 3 (Ages 6-15)

Monday, May 18: Women and the Pandemic (Adults)

Monday, May 18: Maker Monday (All Ages)

Tuesday, May 19: National Resources for Small Businesses Impacted by COVID (Adults)

Wednesday, May 20: Story Time! (All Ages)

Wednesday, May 20: 5 Tips to Beat Ageism in Job Searching (Adults)

Friday, May 22: Paleo Knowledge Bowl Round 3! (Grades 4th, 5th, & 6th)

Saturday, May 23: Happy Scratch Coding Tips Week 4 (Ages 6-15)

Tuesday, May 26: Wellness Support for Ourselves and Others During COVID (Adults)

Wednesday, May 27: Story Time! (All Ages)

Thursday, May 28: How to Identify Strengths at Work – Job Skills (Adults)

Thursday, May 28: Scavenger Hunt (All Ages)

Friday, May 29: Paleo Knowledge Bowl Bonus Question! (Grades 4th, 5th, & 6th)

Saturday, May 30: LIVE at 10:00am, Science Tellers Presents “Aliens!” All Ages Welcome (May be best suited for ages 5-10 years old)

A quick note.

Please be sure to register for these programs by signing up on event keeper at or by emailing us to let us know you’re participating. This is to help us demonstrate our community engagement statistics for our annual report. Though many of our remote-access programs do not require you to be present at a specific day or time, registering or emailing about programs you participate in would be greatly appreciated. 


You may notice that we utilize YouTube rather than live video-chat for our story time programs. Among other considerations, the two main reasons we choose to do this are…

  1. Many families share a home computer, by posting our story time programs on YouTube, families are not required to be present at a certain time/date.
  2. We want to be mindful of your right to decide your level of interaction. Many wonderful programs are hosted via live video-chat, however, almost all web-based services have some security concerns to take into consideration. We want to make sure that you are in charge of deciding if you would like to use those platforms or not.  Several of the virtual programs in May and June are hosted by third parties who utilize these platforms to best present their programs, but we want to make sure there are other programs that offer options for those who choose to not participate in live virtual-interaction.