Meeting Room Request Form

Meeting Room Request Form

Group Name:______________________________________________________________________________________

Purpose of Group/Organization: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Usage of the meeting room must meet all of the following; Please check the boxes below:

  • We are a not for profit organization, or using the space for educational uses only.
  • We will not use the meeting room for commercial activity.
  • Our meeting is free and open to the public.
  • We agree to honor the meeting room’s General Guidelines.
  • We agree to abide by the Reservations Guidelines.
  • We agree to abide by the Care and Use of Facilities guidelines.

Name of Representative: _____________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Email Address: ___________________________________________________

Website: _____________________________________

Alternate Contact Name: _____________________________________________

Alternate’s Phone: _______________________________________

Alternate Email Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Topic: __________________________________________________ Expected Attendance: _______________________

You may book events only for the current calendar year. Rooms cannot be booked for days or times when the library is not open.

First Choice Dates: Jan ______ Feb ______ Mar ______ Apr ______ May ______ Jun ______ Jul ______ Aug ______ Sep ______ Oct ______ Nov ______ Dec ______

Second Choice Dates: Jan ______ Feb ______ Mar ______ Apr ______ May ______ Jun ______ Jul ______ Aug ______ Sep ______ Oct ______ Nov ______ Dec ______ Date: _________________________________

Start Time: ___________________________ End Time: __________________________

My signature below indicates that I agree to ensure that my organization will abide by the policies of the library with regard to meeting room use. I have received a copy of the “Oxford Public Library Meeting Room Policies”.

Frequently asked questions are answered below.

  • To be eligible to use a meeting room, any group or organization must be not for profit and should include three or more individuals. • All activities held in the Library’s meeting rooms must be open to everyone. Town of Oxford or Library needs may preempt any other scheduled event. • Commercial uses of meeting rooms are prohibited; this includes solicitations, admission or other charges, money-raising activities, and/or sales. Delivery of direct, hands-on healthcare services is also prohibited. • Personal furniture or equipment may be provided by a group with prior approval. Arrangements for the use of any personal furniture or equipment should be made at scheduling time. The Library cannot provide AV or other equipment. • Please leave meeting rooms as they are found. If the furniture is rearranged, it should be returned to the original arrangement at the end of the meeting. • If a group fails to show for two meetings in a row and does not call to cancel, all future reservations are forfeited until the group calls to reschedule. • Meetings will not be scheduled before or after Library hours. Group representatives may not enter Library buildings, nor will deliveries be accepted, before the regular opening time. • Reservations will only be held for ten days until signed reservation form is received. If your planned meeting will take place in less than 10 days and the meeting room is available, a reservation will be tentatively accepted with the signed form due at least 3 days prior to the meeting. • Permission to use Library meeting rooms may be withheld from groups that have failed to comply with the Meeting Room Policy and from any group that damages the room, carpet, equipment, or furniture, or causes a disturbance. • Events must not be publicized or announced until reservation is confirmed after receipt of your signed form. • Refreshments need to consist of individually packaged items and drinks, or baked goods; for other food, a Town permit is required. • All trash resulting from the serving of refreshments must be removed by the organization. • Smoking, alcoholic beverages, open flames, burning incense, and lit candles are not allowed. • The information listed above will be available to anyone who requests information about your group.


Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: _________________________

Adopted by the Library Board of Directors December 2018

Oxford Public Library 203-888-6944